WHY I had to write

As we transition from winter to spring I have decided to listen to and act upon a stirring within my spirit to write. This desire has been swirling inside for years, but I've allowed many distractions to hold me back....until now!
For a long time I have struggled with WHAT to write. A self help book? A Novel? Freelance articles? WHO is my audience? WHAT does my writing voice read like or have to say? And truly WHO cares what I have to say anyway?

On my recent vacation, as the desire to record my thoughts and inspiration blossomed within, I realized


I need to write for my own creative process of manifesting and flow.
The flow of distilling SO MANY ideas into clarity and concentration. The laid back environment of a blog became the clearest answer as to what form my writing should take. But what does my soul long to impart?


What this blog is about...

The awareness of life's magical moments and how they shift us from a monotonous, beige existence to an awakened, color filled moment of joy, gratitude, vitality.

Life a full palate of color! A year is a full cycle of seasons!

From black, grey, white, brown to bright orange, vivid blue, soothing green and radiant red. Our experience of life on a day to day basis includes: good, bad, happy, sad.

Sometimes we get stuck in the grey, sadness - but even the monochromatic hues of winter are peaceful and calming to our often weary souls. And just when we've had ENOUGH of cold, dark, snowy winter.....SPRING ARRIVES!

We feel the warmth of the sun on an early March day. We see buds on the trees and leaves of green sprouting up from the earth.

the magic of spring!

Every year it seems like just when we can't take another week of clouds, cold, wind and snow.....spring jumps out an surprises us with her freshness, her color, her hope!

Yellow daffodils, purple crocus, golden forsythia bloom. In the radiance of these blossoms we hear a bird's song and our ordinary, beige existence becomes vibrantly alive again!


looking ahead...

THIS (and SO MUCH MORE) is what my spirit longs to record for myself, for YOU and for others.

I have no idea how often I will write. I just know it will be varied and looking to those Magical Moments.

I need to write.....to express inner thoughts.....to tell people's story, the story extraordinary stories of ordinary lives!....naturally I'll write about food/cooking, yoga, travel.

THANKS for Joining Me!


03/24/2016 8:48pm

Pure, authentic beauty. You can feel your soul coming through! I love the freedom on the magical movement that the future will hold! Keep writing! I'm looking forward to more! ~Loving Light

08/30/2016 11:02pm

Through writing, you can express your emotions and your creativity. I write for the sake of being. I don't write because I want to be famous. I write to exist. It's the only other way that I know how to express what's inside my hollow mind, except for making podcasts. The only problem you have to face is that blank piece of paper.

10/13/2016 7:48am

I was also dreaming to be a very good writer. I've got this hobby before that at the end every day, I would write the things that happened to me within the day. I just feel like through writing I was able to somehow express my feeling or emotion at the very moment. It helps me a lot especially when I am really depressed. It was like, writing helps me to move on from what had happened. When I write, I am like leaving the problems behind and preparing myself for tomorrow. Writing is really helpful. I think you should do it more often.

12/02/2016 4:04am

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Prepare yourself with a set of issues. Make two copies and give one to the doctor.


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